We are all aware of the troubling statistics regarding domestic violence that continue to grow annually. How many times in the last year have you looked up at the local news to hear a story of domestic violence or hear our director, Cheryl Branch, being interviewed after a domestic homicide?

But together we ARE making inroads! Through the continued efforts to raise awareness and, ultimately, break the cycle of violence, your support of SAFE Shelter provided a lifeline for 1,600 people in our community. Through sheltering, transitional housing or legal intervention SAFE Shelter makes an impact. With nearly 45 percent of all aggravated assault cases related to family violence, these victims transcend socioeconomic status, neighborhoods or age ranges and SAFE Shelter is there to assist in every facet of this epidemic.

More alarmingly, SAFE Shelter provided services to over 532 children last year. SAFE Shelter is literally a life changing place for these young displaced victims. Children in homes of domestic violence more likely to abuse drugs, commit a violent crime or commit suicide. Your contribution to SAFE Shelter makes an impact in our future by changing the trajectory of these young minds while we can still make a difference. That is why your donations are not used for glitzy marketing efforts or special awards but instead every dollar goes directly to services for the women and children. The Gala is one of the most important ways to ensure SAFE Shelter can continuing to provide these critical services, and it is FUN! 

With future goals of additional satellite Outreach Centers, Awareness Seminars and Campaigns in our community, it’s imperative that the fundraising continue. For this year’s Giving Gala we will be offering more entertainment options in addition to our VIP happy hour and silent auction from year’s past by including a post auction After Glow Party!

Quite simply, we need your support and our community needs the SAFE Shelter. We cannot achieve these goals without YOU! 


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Includes 2 Gala tickets,, 2 VIP Reception Tickets and 2 Wristbands for the After Glow Party

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• 4 Wristbands for After Glow
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• 4 Gala Tickets
• Full page Program ad
• Special Event Recognition

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• 2 Gala Tickets
• 2 VIP Cocktail Reception Invites and
• 2 Wristbands for After Glow Party

All sponsorship levels include recognition in program, social media, website and at the event.

2019 Sponsors and Donors

We thank our 2019 Sponsors and Donors without which we could not achieve our Mission. We are forever grateful.



Scott & Lorraine Boice

GOLD Partner

Lyn & Kent Gregory

SILVER Partner

Wayne & Kay Dickerson
The Chatham Foundation

BRONZE Partner

John & Susie Harrison
Bob & Fran Kelly
Chuck & Anne Koepke

Lew & Chris Savage

PUBLIC Partner

Paul & Julie Collin
Jeff & Jessica Hadley

VIP Partner

Lester & Kathie Anderson

Gene & Gale Cartledge
Bill & Kirty Heald
Thomas & Carol E. Mullen
David & Janet Seeley
Diane Tracy

SAFE Shelter Annual Giving Gala 2019 Committee

Co-Chairs: Katie Chancy and Jennifer Davenport
Jean Ahrens, Lorraine Boice, Libby Coolidge, John Harrison, Samantha Reid, Bard Way, Cathy White