About Safe Shelter


Prevent. Protect. Change.

Our mission is to prevent domestic violence, protect victims and promote change in lives, families, and our community.

Since 1979, SAFE Shelter has been Savannah’s only shelter dedicated to victims of intimate partner violence and their children under the age of 18.  Open 24-hours a day, 7 days a week, the Shelter provides safe, confidential services to all victims of domestic violence.

About Us

In the 1970s, SAFE Shelter was a dream shared by four local women, Lucy Brannan, Norma Brewin, Harris Lentini and Caroline Armstrong. There were shelters in Savannah, but no one place for victims and their children who had to leave their homes to escape the violence.  Through their hard work and determination,  SAFE Shelter was established in 1979.

In 2001, the current SAFE Shelter facility opened.  With 48 beds, it is one of the largest domestic violence shelters in the state of Georgia.  Safety, comfort and healing describe the shelter’s atmosphere. State-of-the-art security surveillance equipment, partnerships with local law enforcement and a dedicated staff keep our families safe. SAFE Shelter is certified through the Criminal Justice Coordinating Council and is a United Way Agency.  Shelter services provides all at no cost to the victim.

SAFE Shelter does not discriminate against individuals or groups on the basis of race, color, national origin, religion, sex or disability. If you believe you have been the target of discrimination, you have the right to file a civil rights complaint. Information on how to file a civil rights complaint can be found on the Office of Justice Programs website. Click this link to learn more on filing a civil rights complaint.

Staff Advocates

Cheryl H. Branch
Executive Director
Bard Way
Finance Director
Laurie Ross
Development Director
Pat Jones
Shelter Manager
Doretha Rice
Shelter Program Manager
Sheryl King
Follow up / After Care Program Coordinator
Daisy Hernandez
Child Advocate
Frances Gillison
Community Outreach Specialist
Marie Williams
Administrative Assistant / Volunteer Coordinator
Yulonda Maxwell
Senior Legal Victim Advocate, Safe Shelter Outreach Program
Gabriela Touma
Bi-lingual Legal Victim Advocate, Safe Shelter Outreach Program
Carmen Bien Aime
Victim Advocate, Safe Shelter Outreach Program

Board of Directors

The SAFE Shelter Board of Directors is a voluntary organization.  The Board oversees the administration of the Shelter, and is dedicated to supporting the Shelter through Fundraising and Community Awareness campaigns.

Shalena Jones
Maj. Robert Gavin
Co-Vice President
Stephanie Wilson-Evans
Co-Vice President
Jennifer Maddox
Agnes Cannella
Jean Ahrens
Past President
Paula Deen
Honorary Lifetime Member

Wanda Andrews
Neil Cohen
April Duncan
Mark Howard
Catherine Kiene
Meg Albertson Pace
Tim Steinhauser
Jennifer Burns Davenport
Jennifer Abshire Davis
Mia Singleton
Monica Burgstiner
Gabrielle Sikes Brennan

Katie Kistler Chancy