What happens if I call SAFE Shelter’s 24-hour hotline?
At SAFE Shelter you will find a caring, trained advocate who will listen to your experiences and offer support and options for you and your family. Every call is 100% confidential and answered 24-hours a day. Reaching out is a brave and important first step in improving your situation.

Are you in a safe place to talk?
Our advocates will confirm you are in a safe place and are able to talk. If your partner comes home while you are on the phone, hang up immediately and call back when you are able to chat safely.

Can you tell me what’s going on with your situation?
Being able to offer the best advice and options is dependent on our advocates understanding your situation.  We know people call at many different stages in their relationships so understanding your current situation is very important.

If I call am I obliged to do anything?
No. We understand some callers just want information about shelter services or are just in need of someone to talk to. Often, the caller has a friend or relative who is a victim and are only looking for advice.

Will you call me back?
No. We NEVER call anyone back. If the abuser answers the phone it could put you in danger.

What if I speak Spanish?
No to worry, one of SAFE Shelter’s two Hispanic staff members are contacted to take the call. If your call comes in after hours and neither is available, SAFE Shelter subscribes to a language line, which is used to translate.

I have pets, am I allowed to bring them to the shelter?
Only certified services animals are allowed in the shelter, however, if you feel your pet is also in danger of being harmed by the abuser there are several vets who will assist by temporarily boarding your pet.

What if the typical timeline and process for being admitted into the shelter?
It completely depends on you and your needs. Some victims are not ready to come in to the shelter yet. We understand that and will provide safety planning and refer you to our Outreach Program.

If you are in need and are ready to take the next steps to come into the SAFE Shelter we will give you directions to a specific location and one of our advocates will meet you there and escort you to the shelter or provide directions to the shelter.

How long can I stay at SAFE Shelter?
You and your children may stay at the shelter for up to 30 days.

What does the Outreach Program offer?
Our Outreach Program is for victims that do not require shelter but need assistance with Temporary Protective Orders (TPOs). The Outreach Program advocates will prepare the orders, meet you at the courthouse to file the order, are assigned a Superior Court Judge that will hear your request for protection in chambers, not open court. A hearing will be set within 30 days of filing. Every Outreach client is provided a pro bono attorney for the hearing.

What is a Temporary Protective Order (TPO)?
A TPO is a Superior Court Order which may order the abuser out of the home; give the victim temporary custody of any children they share; in some cases provide temporary child support; and order the abuser to stay a minimum of 500 yards away from the victim for a 12-month period. If the order is violated the abuser may be charged with aggravated stalking which is a felony.

What is the Follow-up / After Care Program?
The Follow-up/After Care is offered to families / individuals who are leaving the shelter. One of our Case Managers and Child Advocate will provide home visits and monthly support groups for two years. An on-site Pod is used to store household items and furniture for those families / individuals who are usually starting all over again. The program can provide rent / utility deposit assistance, groceries, and bus tickets as well.